Welcome to my bee-autiful garden


Because an unexpected thoughtful gift is the one of the best kind of surprises. And because my beautiful friend, Sophia, is one of the bestest kind. Thank you Soph! I think it looks quite nice in this tree. Challenge accepted now to keep things looking worthy during the winter 🙂

~ Green Fingered Girl x


Bloomin’ lovely – practicing flower arranging

I’m a long way off becoming the next Bloom & Wild, but practice makes perfect! Here are some of my latest cuttings and some top tips picked up along the way…


  • Vary your heights for more interest – a few taller stems or stems out to the side seemed to work and look more natural and exciting together than keeping things prim and in a neat group.


  • Tall grasses provide an easy backdrop with more to say than flowers on their own. Also don’t be scared of trimming off any bits and pieces nearby in the garden and sticking them in the mix – a purple leafy stem gave a nice colour contrast to this group with only three actual flowers needed.


  • I’ve neglected the garden quite a bit recently so ended up with lots of flowers that had died or were turning into seed heads (oops). Luckily some of these looked amazing and give a nice contrast to the softer flowers.


  • I was struggling to juggle the heavy sunflower head as part of a bouquet for a friend, but found it worked best to lie flat and pile the other flowers on top, some feel to one side but the overall look worked and gave a nice country garden feel. I had been trying too hard to make it look perfect, but really they took care of themselves. I used twine to tie the stems to help keep the right shape while on the move.

~ Green Fingered Girl x