Freshly picked cam: Summer veggies and flowers

A snapshot of all the awesome stuff the garden has given us this week:


My first full bouquet from the flower garden


Buckets of sweat peas (about twice as many as shown here, they smell so good!) and a couple from Martin


Nothing tastes as good as homegrown tomatoes


French beans a plenty

~ Green Fingered Girl x


How to make a flower pot arrangement


Super simple yet effective, making flower pot arrangements is a great introduction to flower arranging. Here’s a quick ‘how to’ I picked up on a hen do recently:

  • Jazz up a basic terracotta pot using multi-purpose paint. It paints on in just one coat and it’s up to you how you want your design to look, I chose a pale blue with cream – don’t forget to paint the inside too! The paint is really quick drying just leave it outside for a minute and you’ll be ready for step two. Pots can be picked up from homebase and paint from any DIY shop. If you’re wanting to be more adventurous with stripes or a chevron design, try using masking tape to create a stencil and help hold a straight line. Just don’t forget to let it dry in between applying the tape.


  • The next step once your pot is dry is to use a large square of cellophane to line the inside – an easy way to do this is to hold the square flat above the pot and then push the centre of the cellophane sheet into the base of the pot, ensuring the hole at the bottom is covered.
  • Cut a cube of oasis to a size that fits inside the pot without any sticking out of the top and then submerge in water. Oasis is a green foam block used in flower arranging and can be picked up along with cellophane at hobbeycraft or most garden centres. Once completely soaked put the oasis inside the pot within the cellophane and trim any cellophane visible above the rim.
  • As I was taking part in the flower pot arranging on a hen do, we had the luck of being able to all bring a bunch of flowers each, which we laid out like our own mini florists. If you’re working on your own you can choose individual stems and mix and match by visiting a florists, if you’d rather not use a ready made bouquet. Select a handful of flowers and foliage stems that you’d like to include in your arrangement.


  • I’d like to know more about flower arranging, but the tips I have picked up so far include:
    • Thinking in threes – as with photography good design often incorporates splitting the ‘image’ into thirds
    • Choose your centre point and build in rings around it
    • Don’t forget professional flower arrangements include a lot of foliage so don’t look over the leaves as these can be great for adding texture
  • Consider how tall you would like your arrangement to be and trim the stems to the appropriate length – taking into account the length above and within the pot. Varying the height of your stems will make for a more interesting look and try to cut the stems at an angle to help them absorb more water from the soaked foam.
  • Strip leaves from the stems below the point it enters the pot and push into the oasis – the foam holds the flower at the angle you push it into the block, so you can work up an arrangement that will hold its shape. If you don’t get it right first time or change your mind that’s OK! Just try to ensure the ends of the stems are within the foam and not poking out the other side.
  • Don’t discard the lower, leafy bits of the stems straight away, these might come in handy to fill in any gaps with lovely leaves. Eucalyptus also works well for adding foliage.
  • Here I am working on my pot! I chose a combination including a peony bud, pink and white roses, gypsophila and eucalyptus. I was really pleased with the result – not bad for a first go! When I took it home I topped the pot up with water to keep it looking fresh.

FB_IMG_1439115385248   IMG-20150809-WA0003

Hope this sparks some inspiration!

~ Green Fingered Girl x