Gems and the giant veg

A quick look around the vegetable garden is making me feel hungry. It’s heaving with colour-changing tomatoes on the vine, transforming from green to orange with a leafy smell that makes me smile and makes excellent candles for Jo Malone.They’re spilling over the tops of their stands and entwining with the sweet peas in some kind of veggie jungle. An effect enhanced by the volunteers – rogue tomato plants that self-seeded after last summer to remind me that growing things happens whether you mean to or not, so there is not point in worrying if you’re doing things right or getting bogged down in being too complicated.


We’re also feeling good about the French beans, which are hanging out all the way up to the top of their pyramid stand made my master craftsman (that’s you Dave!). We’ve already started tucking in to these and got heaps last year so looking forward to lots more to come!


I’ve resisted drawing googley eyes on the corn on the cob for now although I do think it would offset the surfer dude ‘hair’ on the tops nicely. Aware that none of those comments do my street cred any good but I’m a gardening blogger now and this sounds like a comment Alan Titchmarsh would approve of and that’s what counts.


An admittedly slightly awkward looking courgette is ready for the chop too over on the other side of the garden.


Here’s the veggie bed in all its glory, we’ve got such a lot of lemon sorrel, a now quite sorry looking basil and rocket, french tarragon tucked away at the front. Elsewhere we’re also growing strawberry plants, previously posted-about figs, baby chillies – all sorts. It’s going to be a delicious summer.


~ Green Fingered Girl x


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