Because a watched flower never blooms

What do they say about a watched flower never blooms? Nothing I think, but in any case my going on holiday proved to be just what my garden needed!

While my back was turned Greece-ward, the garden has taken on a whole new life, and I love it! I’m in two minds as to whether pretend to I’m still not here and take sneaky sideways glances through the window, or to swoop in with the snippers and fill the house with flowers.

Here are my three favourite new discoveries!

1 Baby figs: After a couple of years of a nice if twiggy pot plant, we have real life bonafide figs on our tree! Very exciting after how deliciously the air was scented by fig trees all over Kefalonia!


2. Lavender flowers: Partly a victory entry for having potted the lavender successfully (as in my How To) and partly because ‘yey flowers!’


3. What can now be officially referred to as a flower garden! This patch of garden took a massive amount of overhaul after a couple of decades of not really being touched, removing several thousand (probably) bulbs and bits and bobs. We cleared the lot and filled the empty space with flowers. I had no idea how the plants were going to look but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out!

Step 1: Flower arranging

Flowers 1

Step 2: Using imagination

Flowers 2

Step 3: Awesome Flowers

~ Green Fingered Girl x


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