Meet Martin!

Meet Martin This is Martin. I love Martin!

Martin in pot

Martin gets his own special mention because he’s so pretty. He’s also the gift that  keeps on giving as he flowers all the way from April – October. As well as being a  stunner the flowers are edible and are great as toppings for salads or as cake  decorations. I LOVE MARTIN!

He is perfect for pots so I followed my ‘how to pot plants’ steps when popping him in  my new containers from Harlow Carr (an awesome cheap find for quite an expensive  place), but did a slightly different mix so less sand and more leaf mould (or compost  if you don’t have any), seeing as how he’s not from the Med.

Martin is a viola and should live for years (hopefully!). To keep him looking fresh he just needs watering regularly (I’m going to try a couple of times a week) and snipping off any wilted flowers low down the stem at the base of the plant making way for new ones to grow through in its place.

~Green Fingered Girl x


2 thoughts on “Meet Martin!

  1. Martin is certainly a stunner as is my Little David! But smaller. Nice post and lovely pictures. Keep up the good work Green Fingered Girl.



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